• I paint because it allows me
    to show a part of myself that
    otherwise doesn’t manifest itself

  • I have found a way to express
    my emotions and love for nature
    through painting

  • I often move through reality
    in order to arrive at abstraction,
    and visa versa

  • Experimentation is essential

  • I paint to enrich peoples’ lives

  • For me every painting is
    a self-portrait

  • My paintings are practically finished
    in my mind before
    the brush hits the canvas

Paintings with a soul

Lieuwe Kingma places high demands on himself. What makes viewing his overall oeuvre fascinating is that one can see how Kingma keeps on pushing his own limits, posing questions to himself, solving artistic problems, working out ideas, stepping backward and growing further.

His subjects are usually traditional: landscapes in the south of France, spacious polders in Groningen, a harbor or a beach, still lifes with flowers or fruit, and nudes. But his treatment of materials and use of color are something that viewers can immediately feel. It is as if each painting has been given a soul.

A ‘Kingma’ is an image that speaks for itself. It requires no explanation and does not need to be put into a context. This artist speaks with paint, and shows a part of himself to the viewer.