I paint tranquility

Dear Art Lovers,

These (scroll up and down) and other new paintings of mine will be shown for the first time at the PAN Art Fair Amsterdam, from 19 – 26 November 2017. You will find my work in booth 142 at Bruijstens Modern Art.

I will be present during the day on Friday 24 November till 18:00 hours to welcome you, tell you more about the work on exhibit, and answer your questions. On this day my work will be particularly featured at this stand.

I hope to see you there!


When I stayed with my family in the Florida Keys around the end of last year, I found myself watching the spectacular sunrise every morning. The light and color hues were constantly shifting. The reflections in the still water of the ocean made it a feast for the eye. It made me aware of new and forgotten colors, the pastelly pinks and aqua blues. The tide was low and the sand banks and mud-flats fell dry. They looked black, with the blue of the sky and the pink of the clouds reflecting in the puddles. There was no human activity, only a flog of birds flying by. It was definitely a meditative start of the day. I saw a beautiful abstract painting in front of me, one that radiates peace and quiet. But how do I paint this tranquility?


Once back home in my studio, I started translating the absorbed images in oil paint on panel. Here’s how that process went:

I recalled the colors and hues ‘in my head’ before starting to mix. The challenge and pleasure for me is actually in the process of mixing and intuitively getting to the right colors. When I placed the pre-mixed colors in fields next to each other they started influencing each other, sometimes not with the effect I was striving for. Other times I coincidently stumbled upon a new color. That’s when I made notes on exactly how I got to this result – which colors and in which quantities and order. While impossible to remember these combinations, it still remains challenging to duplicate a color when I do refer to my notes. I always try to make enough of a certain color in order to not run out of it while completing a painting, and especially when I want to make a series that holds together in color. When I have paint left over, I sometimes look around in the studio for another painting in progress that can use this particular hue.


When you look at this series of abstract paintings you might not think of a Florida Keys sun rise. Giving such a title evokes suggestion and directs the viewer’s imagination, which can be useful. For others such a title might be too directive, as they may prefer to let their own fantasy do its work. What do you prefer?
My mission is accomplished when you recognize the balance, and experience peace and quiet as you view one of these pieces.

© Lieuwe Kingma, Hilversum, The Netherlands, November 2017