650 Orange Landscape

675 Florida Keys III

623 Green Vase with Autumn-Leaves

698 Standing Nude in Front of Fireplace

586 Blue Vase with White Flowers

667 Amstel River / Fall

371 Blossoming Orchard

620 Still Life with Red Tea Jar II

635 Beach 47

618 Pink Composition I and II

685 Winter Landscape I (tribute to Sisley)

c Seated Nude – Backview II

637 Vase with White Roses

i Standing Nude with Backlight

632 Clouds over the Sea IV

361 Still Life with Apples III

688 The White Chateau

644 Still life with peonies

677 Florida Keys V

d Model Undressing

626 Blossoming Orchard II

526 Landscape with Two Plane Trees

569 Fruitstand IV

681 Florida Keys IX

676 Florida Keys IV

697 The White Chateau

622 Standing Nude in Interior

352 Yellow Landscape with Four Plane Trees

672 Blossoming Broom

660 The Garden Path

627 Composition with Black, White and Blue I

h Standing Nude with Backlight

528 Seated Semi-Nude

570 Seated Nude Looking Away

568 Still Life with French Bowl

683 Amstel River / Summer

618 Pink Composition II

671 Blue Ginger Pot with Yellow Tulips

k Standing Nude – Backview

l Lying Nude

e Seated Nude with Corset I

614 Still Life with Red Tea Jar I

664 Blue Hydrangeas

548 Standing Nude in Front of Fireplace

543 ‘s-Graveland III / Dutch Winter Landscape

679 Florida Keys VII

610 Orchard in the Snow

682 Florida Keys X

g Seated Nude with Backlight

577 Reclining Nude

663 Pink Hydrangeas

680 Florida Keys VIII

j Standing Nude Backview

497 White Vase with Rhododendron

651 Red Landscape

695 Blossoming Orchard

643 Neck of the Woods II

670 Pot with Geraniums

657 Vase with Flowers

666 Reitdiep 28 / Dutch Winter Landscape

689 Trees Along the River / Autumn I

661 The Flower Garden

686 Winter Landscape II (tribute to Sisley)

653 Red Landscape

68 Yellow Landscape with Blue Trees

645 Vase with Fall Flowers II

162 Still Life with Fruit Bowl III

652 Still Life with Red Tea Jar III

f Seated Nude with Corset II

b Seated Nude – Backview I

696 The Yellow House with Plane Tree

591 White Vase with Rhododendron

435 Seated Semi-Nude

668 Neck of The Woods

659 Landscape with Red Shed

628 Composition in Black, White and Blue II

538 Standing Nude in Reflection

693 Trees Along the River / Autumn II

647 Vase with Fall Flowers IV

684 Amstel River / A Foggy Morning

509 Standing Nude Back View

585 Blue Grey Vase with White Flowers

a Standing Nude in Front of Fireplace

662 House Covered with Ivy

503 Standing Nude III

636 Grey Vase with Roses

678 Florida Keys VI